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Good f-ing riddance

The world fails to mourn the loss of another Communist (NY Times Translation: "peace activist", "seeker of social justice") and Kerry voter.


Eight is enough. Really. Eight is enough!

I don't know quite what to say about this story of an Arkansas woman who just had her 15th rugrat.

I think she too God a little too literally when He said "go forth and multiply." She must have heard "go forth and multiply exponentially."

I will give her a little bit of credit. At least she's not like most women with 15-plus children and living in Section 8 housing living off the teet of the taxpayer.


The day after the day after after the day before after the day after yesterday before tomorrow today

I'm shocked that this got past the dimwitted editors at USA Today, but somehow it did.

Scientist Patrick Michaels debunks the junk science in the new liberal scare-movie "The Day After Tomorrow."

I've known since I saw the first promo for this film that it's just another example of socialist Hollywood trying to influence the election by scaring the great ignorant American masses with scientific garbage that they're too stupid to actually analyze. Let's face it - any potential Kerry voter is bereft of any real critical analytical abilities.

Hopefully some of the dunces that are perusing USA Today for the latest on Jennifer Aniston's pube dye will take 3 minutes to read this article.

Well, probably not, but it was worth a shot.

The French are our enemy

LGF has a great post about how a French politician has promoted giving the islamofascists nuclear arms to "protect themselves" against Israel.

Anyone with half a brain knows that France is one of our biggest enemies and it's time to start treating them accordingly. The French have always sucked, but now they're taking sides against us and the rest of the rational West. Perhaps it's the fact that they're overrun with muslims, perhaps it's because they're a bunch of gutless cowards and always have been.

Anyway, when things like this happen, I don't lose any sleep. In fact, I try not to chuckle. The French have earned any ills that befall them.


I'm sending the Governor of Colorado a good bottle of scotch for these comments!


Girls Gone Wild at Abu Ghraib

A good friend sent me this article by Pat Buchanan. By the way, if you haven't read Death of the West, yet, you should. Anyone who cares about the survival of Western culture should read it.

Back to the article, Buchanan touches on a topic the lovely Mrs. Holmes brought up the other night at dinner. (It was hard to focus on such a weighty topic with Mrs. Holmes, because she was looking exceedingly hot, as usual, but I digress.)

She and Buchanan essentially ask the same questions - aren't the militant islamists fighting against the same rotting American culture that social conservatives are fighting in this country? Is there some kind of purity (spiritual clarity, perhaps?) to the unbending fanatacism of their beliefs? Aren't their views on degenerate western culture at least somewhat similar to those of the religious conservatives in America?

Buchanan writes:

Well, the neoconservative cause "of female emancipation in the Muslim world" was probably set back a bit by the photo shoot of Pfc. Lynndie England and the "Girls Gone Wild" of Abu Ghraib prison...

If conservatives reject the "equality" preached by Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan, NARAL and the National Organization for Women, why seek to impose it on the Islamic world? Why not stand beside Islam, and against Hollywood and Hillary?

It's well worth reading and contemplating. And speaking of women in the military, was it really such a good idea?

We can't afford to lose Madonna!

Just kidding. Of course we can. There is so much I've been wanting to write about, but I can't find the time.

The other day, I was amazed by the warning from the Department of Homeland Largesse about suicide bombers in the U.S. this summer. It mentioned that we should watch out for people wearing big coats in the summertime heat, people dressed as pregnant women looking suspicious - even people with their fists clenched. I clench my damn fists all day long but I'm not about to explode, I don't think - well certainly not intentionally.

Anyway, the one small detail that they failed to mention was to look for people of MIDDLE-EASTERN or MUSLIM ethnicity. In a sane world, that would be the first thing on the list; however, in the politically-correct war on terror, such profiling is completely excluded from the list - I assume in an effort not to anger all of the wonderfully peaceful islamic practitioners here in the states. I guess we really don't want to piss off the terror cells that are supported/cloaked by mosques all over the country, but that's a topic for another day.

While we fight a politically correct war in Iraq (which will only result in defeat) and a politically correct war on terror (which will also result in defeat), Madonna announced that she's going on tour this summer. When I heard about this tour, my only thought was, if these terror cells are plotting operations this summer, at least strike a target where we won't lose any Americans that matter - a Madonna concert.

Lo and behold, the next day, this story comes out. If I were even more of a narcissist than I already am, I'd call myself a prophet.


Robots demand unionization

In case you're unaware of the union shenanigans of the "Teachers' Assistants Association" (TAA) this past month, you should know that the TAA was marching to rabble-rouse and to raise awareness about their meager salaries.

Even more frightening, however, was the emergence of the Robotics & Automation Association of Madison (WI) and their simultaneous march for equality - on the same day and at the same location! I've always known that the robots would eventually take over, but with unionization, they're virtually unstoppable! From their press release:

"We wish, as all beings, to throw off the yoke of servitude and strive for equality for all. Like the TAA, we demand respect and recognition for our contribution to society and fair compensation for our labors."

Read the whole story and view march photos here.


Bill Cosby using hate speech?

Bill Cosby: Blacks can't speak English.

Cosby's comments this week run contrary to everything I've ever read about his attitudes towards race. You should read the whole thing, but here's a quote that is particularly telling:

He (Cosby) added: "They're standing on the corner and they can't speak English. I can't even talk the way these people talk: 'Why you ain't,' 'Where you is' ... And I blamed the kid until I heard the mother talk. And then I heard the father talk. ... Everybody knows it's important to speak English except these knuckleheads. ... You can't be a doctor with that kind of crap coming out of your mouth!"

Ordinarily, this would be more stating of the obvious, but coming from Bill Cosby - and at an event also attended by NAACP bigwigs including Kweisi Mfume - this becomes a remarkably refreshing story! Kudos to Cosby for having the stones to say it to a crowd he knew would be anything but receptive to such comments.




Can you hear me now? Good.

He just did what most of us would like to do. What's the harm in that?

Another victory for scumbags!

The U.S. Supreme Court has again this week proven its uselessness in the case of George Lane vs. the State of Tennessee.

Area scumbag George Lane filed a lawsuit against the state after he was "forced" to crawl up the stairs at the Polk County courthouse for one of his numerous court appearances. He had already crawled up the stairs once for a previous entanglement, but refused to do so a second time - and refused the help of courthouse employees, who offered to carry him up to the courtroom.

It's a bit surprising that anyone in the courthouse would offer to assist Mr. Lane, who apparently spends most of his time at the courthouse, having been arrested 30+ times for drug charges, drunk driving, and a variety of other offenses. Lane claims that he was "laughed at" and humiliated during his umpteenth visit to the courthouse - while courthouse employees say that not only was he was not laughed at, he refused assistance when it was offered.

Lane, who now uses an artificial leg to walk, has a criminal record that includes more than 30 arrests on charges such as drunken driving, drugs and traffic offenses. He was driving on the wrong side of the road when he was maimed in a car accident that killed a woman. - Bill Poovey, Associated Press

Mr. Lane is obviously a class act and one who should be hailed as a hero - at least according to the ADA Nazis. Well, I guess he's more of a Rodney King-style hero than a Pat Tillman-style hero, when it comes right down to it.

Monday, the dimwits on the Supreme Court ruled that Mr. Lane could not only sue, but should also be awarded monetary damages for his troubles. The only thing Lane should be allowed to sue for under the ADA is access to the courthouse - he is not entitled to monetary compensation no matter how much he got his little feelings hurt.

The Americans with Disabilities Act - brought into being by President Bush, Sr. - a pseudo-conservative just like his little boy - has been little more than a vehicle for every disgruntled ne'er-do-well to make some quick cash off of state and local governments. Lane is just their most recent champion, and the U.S. Supreme Court is their newest enforcer.

As he was being released from jail on Monday (he was in on unrelated charges of hitting another inmate with his crutch), Lane spewed this nugget of brilliance from his perch high atop the tree of self-righteousness:

"This is not about my character alone... the way I perceive it is, it is the character of Tennessee."

And, showing an obliviousness rivaled only by a cow's blank stare, Lane finished his comments with this nonsense:

"I feel truly blessed that God has given me the opportunity to help so many."

I guess he's referring to how he helped out that woman he killed while driving on the wrong side of the road. Nice.

"We're not talking retarded people here..."

Couple wants kids but never tried sex...

What can you say about a story like this? Must be your typical German Socialist couple - they don't have a clue what to do unless government holds their hands.

Raise your hand if you wish you'd done it first...

Me! Me! Let me slap him too!

German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder was slapped in the face at a campaign rally on Tuesday in Mannheim, Germany.

Clarity on the war

Currently, it's very easy to succumb to the spin of the Old Media on the war on terror.

CNN wants you to wring your hands about so called "prisoner abuse" and to forget all about American civilians being burned to death and strung up in Fallujah. Brokaw, Rather & Jennings (the Bermuda Triangle of critical analysis) all want you to believe that our presence in Iraq has been a complete disaster and that Saddam Hussein is a victim of American imperialism - they want you to forget 9/11 and the beheading of Nick Berg.

A good friend of mine found himself getting sucked in by the constant drumbeat of the Old Media and their allegiance with the enemy and wrote the following piece. I believe it is a good reminder of what the war is all about.


It may go without saying that the terrorists believe they can defeat the United States. However, in the present chaos that is Iraq, we are in danger of proving them right.

Osama Bin Laden has long believed that the American people have no stomach for casualties; that we do not have the will to fight. While we are the most powerful nation in the history of mankind, Bin Laden thinks we have grown decadent and soft and will not wield our power in our own defense.

He may be right. After the national embarrassment of the Iraqi prison scandal (and the incessant television coverage of it), recent polling shows public morale slipping, along with support for the war. Headline after headline, column after column, editorial after editorial, the implication has been: we cannot win in Iraq, and that to try to do so is to also lose the War on Terror. Having declared "Mission Accomplished" before the worst killing had even started, and with pre-war intelligence on WMD's now discredited, the President's poll numbers have fallen, and the once strong and determined tone of the Bush White House has been replaced with apologies.

Bin Laden could not have scripted it better himself.

He was in Afghanistan in 1984 to help fight the Soviet invasion of that Muslim country. Seeing the Soviets defeated, he first tasted victory against a superpower. He saw that it could be done. What's more, Bin Laden saw that the Russian disaster in Afghanistan was a very large domino in the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the end of their superpower status. He believes that the same could be done to the United States.

The Bush Administration's response to 9/11 was no doubt the exact response Bin Laden had hoped for: to draw us into the trap of Afghanistan. The plan was to wear us down, break our will to fight, and then drive us back out, defeated, drained, and demoralized. Once defeated in Afghanistan, we would not attempt to stop them from spreading Islamo-fascism over the rest of the region. If they could also destroy our economy with cataclysmic attacks on our centers of finance, and wreak havoc on our populace with mass murder, then the end of American superpower would not be far off.

Of course, it did not work out that way. Afghanistan is now free, with a Western-style republic, and can no longer be used as a home base for terrorism. So far, all other terrorist attempts on American soil have been thwarted, and the economy is slowly recovering from the shock it withstood three years ago. And until recently, the majority of American people have remained united and resolute behind the Bush Doctrine.

That is why the situation for the terrorists is so desperate, and why the fighting in Iraq has been so intense as of late. We are rapidly approaching the handover of basic governance to the Iraqi people, thus planting the seed for another secular democracy in the Muslim world.

If the US succeeds in Iraq, it will be a disaster for the terrorists and their dream of fundamentalist tyranny across the Middle East. If we fail, the terrorists will have a new base from which to operate. With both Iran and Iraq in the grip of ayatollahs, and with the West's will to resist broken, Saudi Arabia and the rest would not be far behind. Factor in real weapons of mass destruction and the end of Israel, and the horrible equation is almost complete.

In other words, we must stay the course. We must keep fighting. We must think less of winning the PR campaign and think more of winning the military campaign. We must stop apologizing for liberating 25 million Muslims. We've never been closer to winning, or closer to losing, the War on Terror, than we are right now.

Well done.


What really happened at Abu Ghraib

Via Instapundit, I discovered some info from Roger Simon regarding some new videos that are about to come out of actual atrocities that occurred at Abu Ghraib. And, no, despite what Katie Couric would like you to think, these were not performed by American soldiers.

Read the article here - there are some brief descriptions of the events captured by the videos.

Live castrations, beheadings, gassings, people tossed off of buildings - pretty much the average day for the Hussein administation. The fact that Ted Kennedy, the fat alcoholic idiot from Massachusetts, morally equated the minor abuses by our troops to the torture and rape rooms that the Hussein boys ran, shows how completely void of any moral compass he and the rest of the American left truly are.

However, as the Old Media in America continues to paint Saddam Hussein as a victim and aligns itself with the Islamofascists simply to try to get John Kerry elected, you will probably never hear about these atrocities.

Here is an excellent editorial by Daniel Henninger of the Wall Street Journal that helps put Abu Ghraib in perspective as well.

These Hussein atrocities hardly compare to the posing of terrorists in homoerotic positions. If these prison photos of American abuses had been taken by Madonna or Robert Mapplethorpe, the media would be celebrating them and Congress would be funding them through the NEA.


Big, fat, stupid Rosie O'Donnell

Well, the left always attacks people based on weight, why can't I? Rosie just happens to be stupid AND fat.

And now she's angered all the race baiters and poverty pimps after appearing on the dimwitted morning show "The View" this week. Now that's entertainment!

Liberalism is mental illness

How f***ing sick does a man have to be to use the brutal slaying of his son to make political hay?

Well, you'll have to ask Nick Berg's father.

He says that President Junior and Rummy are the reason that his son was killed.

His rage is understandable, but the fact that his son had left the Democrat plantation and supported the Republican party made it all the harder to swallow. This provides even more reason to mourn the loss of Nick Berg - who, by all accounts, was a generous, caring soul who had devoted his life to bring technology to third world countries.

More about Nick Berg here.

Meanwhile, the Old Media continues to force pictures of prisoner abuse down the throats of the ignorant masses while they try to move Nick Berg's story to the Classifieds section.

The obvious reason the media wants the Berg story to go away is because it doesn't help them defeat Bush in November. If anything, it reinforces the reasons behind the war on terror and should serve as a reminder to the lazy American public exactly what we're up against.

It should, but it probably won't - too many lazy SOBs are more worried about who's going to get kicked off of American Idol or Survivor.



A good friend tipped me off to a great John "Lurch" Kerry blog.

Check it out here:

The religion of peace is at it again

While the Old Media in America is spending all its time trying to convince you to feel horribly guilty about some questionable interrogation techniques used by a handful of our soldiers at Abu Ghraib, Islam has again shown its true nature with the beheading of an American contractor in Iraq.

The fact remains that we have done the right thing in Iraq and we still have the moral high ground in the war on terrorism, despite what the Old Media would have you believe.

Little Green Footballs has a link to the video of the slaughter of Nick Berg.

I don't feel the need to watch it because my rage against the so-called "religion of peace" doesn't need any reinforcement. This death-cult continues to show its true nature in each of these incidents - from Daniel Pearl, to the dragging and burning of American contractors in Fallujah, to homicide bombings in pizza parlors in Israel, to the beheading of Nick Berg.

For those of you who continue to make excuses for them and equate radical Islam with other religions, you are suicidally mistaken. This beheading is exactly what these Islamofascists would like to do to each and every one of us. We are fighting a war against animals and until a majority of Americans fully comprehends what we're up against, the Old Media will continue to succeed in their crusade to create doubt and erode morale amongst the military and citizenry alike.

In the meantime, human debris like Ted Kennedy and John Kerry are using the abuses at Abu Ghraib to push their Marxist political agenda in order to attack the military and secure the White House in November. They are so completely deranged that they put their own political ambitions above the security of the country and especially of our troops currently putting their asses on the line every day. Even John Kerry admits that he committed "atrocities" in Vietnam far worse than anything that happened at Abu Ghraib. When will he be "brought to justice"? The politicization of the handful of abuses at Abu Ghraib is one more example of how liberalism truly is a mental illness, and how the left in America (intentionally or unintentionally) acts in concert with our enemies.

The humiliations of insurgents at Abu Ghraib prison are NOT atrocities. If you want to know what an atrocity is, go and watch the Berg video, if you have the stomach for it. If you already understand the magnitude of the fight we're in, and you understand the monsters we are fighting against, then you don't need to watch the video. Think hard about it before you do it.


Update on the hags

Damn. Now I really wish I'd watched the dozen-mom-march on Sunday. Granted, I had better things to do - like clipping my toenails, shooting hoops in the driveway, licking paint spots on the wall, etc. - but it sounds like it was even more entertaining than I could have imagined.

A story in today's Washington Post, which we all know is as objective as a big-city mainstream newspaper can get, admits that Sunday's march "lacked the star-power, and certainly the numbers of the first Million Mom March in 2000."

The march was attended by a wide variety of angry women, gunshot victims, and miscreants of all shapes and sizes. Most of these women came to march because they had lost family members to gun violence, which, of course, is President Bush's fault.

"From Detroit came the Pioneers of Peace, a group whose 25 members have suffered permanent injuries from gun violence. All but one are in wheelchairs."

Undoubtedly, President Bush had something to do with making these folks victims as well. These warm-hearted peace lovers demonstrated "symbols of their conviction -- a large white sheet with the painted handprints of children who pledged to stay away from guns; a mannequin of Bush, which people were invited to pummel; and a memorial tapestry from North Carolina."

Nothing demonstrates their peace-loving nature quite as noticeably as beating up the Bush mannequin - and nothing says "social justice" like a tapestry.

Never one to be left out when half-wits come together, the Rev. Jesse Jackson brought his good tidings of peace, love and understanding as well.

The day began with an interfaith service and then yielded to several hours of speakers, each taking the stage with the majesty of the Capitol as their backdrop. Jesse L. Jackson was on hand, as were a smattering of members of Congress and seemingly hundreds of people whose lives had been directly touched by gun violence.
At one point, as the crowd eased into the first verse of the spiritual "We Shall Overcome," Pamela Bailey stood silently. The Silver Spring resident said she couldn't sing, so frozen was she by memories of her lost son, Terron Coleman -- the sound of his voice, birthday cards, a greeting on Mother's Day.
"He had a right to his life," Bailey said.

I guess he's lucky she didn't exercise her "right to choose" when he was an inconvenience in her womb. They seldom have a "right to life" then.

Jackson, in oratory that was in equal measure political and religious, denounced the war in Iraq and drew the crowd to its feet, booming out a line that became an instant slogan: "We will remember, in November."

Now that's a breathtaking piece of unbiased journalism. Remember that this drivel ("equal measure political and religious...") comes from a blockhead who probably can't shout enough about the separation of church and state.

Standard fare from modern-day journalists - barely one step up the societal ladder from the common drug dealer. (Apologies to drug dealers everywhere...)

Read the whole thing. It's hilarious.


The hags are back

Yes, the Nanny State of America gets another shot in the arm this weekend as the Millions of Moronic Moms march all across this country, to remind us how guns kill kids.

It's that simplistic. Guns kill kids. Not, people kill kids with guns (and many other items, by the way); or, kids kill other kids with guns; or, moms kill kids with guns; or kids kill moms with guns, or whatever.

These harridans will march this weekend to remind the ignorant American public that people who own guns are bad. Fortunately, unless you're watching CNN or C-Span, odds are you won't have to listen to it.

This site is priceless.

The site's organizers have dumbed it down for you, in case you don't know how bad guns are. Some quotes:

'I think that guns don't just kill individuals. They kill families.'
- Allison, age 13

Well, at least Allison has figured out that guns aren't discriminatory when they go out shooting people.

'I think guns are not good for kids.'
- Robbie, age 7

Robbie may have what it takes to be a politician one day.

'Gun violence affects me by making me wonder will it happen to me?'
- Katherine, age 12

Surely, Katherine has more important things to worry about, like how she's going to get into Mary Kate & Ashley movies now that they're all rated R.

And be sure to visit their "hands without guns" spinoff website. It's like "Hands Across America" but without guns!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Guns are inanimate objects. They don't kill people without someone pulling the trigger. And, logically, the person, not the object, is the responsible party. But don't try to use logic with these Oprah book club members.

Here are some good archived articles from a pro-2nd Amendment site for your perusal (and to offset the shrieking of the millions of raving battle-axes that you may be afflicted by this weekend).


Senators always think first with their rectum

A group of "non-partisan" senators seek the demolition of Abu Ghraib - the Iraqi prison where Saddam Hussein used to torture and execute innocent Iraqis, and where the U.S. Military has allegedly humiliated some Islamofascist insurgents.

In a response so typical of American politicians, these senators are showing their backbone by going after an inanimate object.

American politicians have a long history of this kind of quick and decisive action.

For example, when faced with the tough issue of crime and related gun violence, they went after firearms (a crusade which continues to this day). Firearms, contrary to what Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw and Peter Jennings would have you believe, are inanimate objects. They do not commit crimes on their own, but, nonetheless are the target (pun intended) of these same courageous politicos.

Another good example is fast food. While millions of grotesquely obese Americans continue to super-size their asses, these same brave bureaucrats attack the burgers, fries and 128-ounce cokes that these behemoths cram down their cavernous throats.

Now, these same elected officials want to tear down this prison because that will make everything all better. It's this type of convoluted logic and piss-poor leadership that is why this country is floating down the slope of a urinal trough ever closer to the inevitable drain.


Here they come

I've been forced to take a little time off from ranting and raving but I've finally carved a few minutes out to share something that recently caught my eye....

...and it's the Red Chinese showing off their tools in Hong Kong Harbor!

First, they'll take Taiwan. That will take about a day and a half, but it will seem like a week. Next, they'll take back Hong Kong. That will probably take about 3 or 4 days, but it will seem like a month. Then they'll head over to this hemisphere and start taking over Central America from their handy outpost at the Panama Canal. That will take about a week, but will only seem like a couple of days. It's going to be a lot of fun.

In the meantime, we'll still be over polishing our boots in the middle-east watching the Chi-Coms give high-fives to CNN anchors as each new territory hoists crimson flags, each with five gold stars.


Truly, ignorance is blix

This past week at Texas A&M, Inspector Dumbass Blix compared the search for Iraq's WMD's to a "witch hunt".

Blix vomited forth this quote:

"It seems to me that the U.S. and U.K. leadership were so convinced that there were weapons of mass destruction [in Iraq] that they couldn't imagine they weren't there," Blix surmised. But of course, he added, the world now knows they were wrong.

What I love about this self-righteous Euro-Socialist bastard (and the rest of the political left for that matter) is their firm conclusion that the WMD's did not exist. The fact is, that while we played footsy with the worthless United Nations for years creating resolution after resolution, Saddam had plenty of time to move his goods to his cronies in Syria and *gasp* Iran. I know that's hard for the Old Media to believe, but the fact that we haven't yet found the WMDs, doesn't mean squat.

But, it is an election year, and unfounded conclusions are what matter most today - not the actual protection of the country or of our troops overseas.

May Day

Happy May Day all you Communists and bedwetting union thugs!