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This blog is the magnet, and you are steel.

If you have arrived at this site from, then either the main site is down and you've received a 404 error, or the main site is down for maintenance. If you've arrived at this site any other way, you should probably know that the Six Meat Buffet blog is actually at SixMeatBuffet.Com.

This is the backup site for use when things go wrong over at the main site. Which is not uncommon. You can always drop me a line at preston-at-sixmeatbuffet-dot-com or sixmeat-at-gmail-dot-com if you have questions.


Final Voting Plea & Site Redesign

I'm neck-and-neck with both Jane's Armies of Liberation and The Right Blog. You can shoot me up and over them by going and voting before the polls close tonight. However, if you're in Missouri and in a heavily dim-o-crack urban district they may keep the polls open an extra hour or two to "count all the ballocks." For once in your miserable life, don't let me down.


This blog is currently undergoing a brutal disemboweling thanks to Lisa at Elegant Webscapes. She's moving me to WordPress and cleaning the place up. I don't know if that means things will be wacky around here or not, but I can tell you that blogging may be light as I learn my way around WP for a few days. I'll probably be bugging the hell out of you, Johnny Walker Red, so get ready.